Deadpool 2: Exciting, Funny . . . And Sort Of, Kind Of Disappointing?

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Well, I finally got my busy ass to the theaters to see Deadpool 2!  

After failing to see the original Deadpool in theaters, I was determined not to make the same mistake twice.  Even though I was not fortunate enough to catch Ryan Reynolds and company in the newest entry of the Merc With a Mouth’s on-screen saga, my wife and I managed to leave the two younger children with Nana and grandpa so we could take our twelve-year-old to the 9:40 showing at Destiny USA this Sunday.

Let’s start by saying that everyone – my wife included – enjoyed the flick.  Casting Reynolds as Wade Wilson was nothing short of a stroke of genius, and with the exception of T.J. Miller (who I prefer to hear, not see), the rest of the cast in the Deadpool films have managed to nail their parts just as well.  When you have cast of characters who not only perfectly fit their roles, but are obviously having the times of their lives playing said characters, you are halfway to an enjoyable movie, before filming even begins.

Of course, even a fantastic cast needs a script that is at least partly coherent, and for the most part, Deadpool 2 delivers here, too.  This film has more jokes than you can shake a chimichanga at, and plenty of exciting action set pieces, too.  I don’t want to get into a debate over which franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy or Deadpool, is better at blending humor with action, but if Deadpool is not the funniest comic book movie franchise, it sure as hell is a close second.  Not every joke works, but there are enough that do to keep you from worrying about the few that missed their marks.

So if the movie has a pitch-perfect cast, enjoyable action moments, tons of jokes, and a kick-ass soundtrack (a factor that you can not overlook these days!), what in the hell gives me the right to call the flick a bit of a disappointment?  That’s easy: the love story.

I’m not saying there is no room for a love interest in the Deadpool movie franchise – it worked just fine in the first movie.  In this sequel, however, I felt TOO much time was devoted to Wade’s attempts to reunite with Vanessa.   It really slows the movie down, especially in the first third, and for a film that wants to break the fourth wall and be unconventional, the love story written into this movie is as about as conventional as it gets.   Just compare how the first film handled Wade’s relationship with Vanessa to how much more serious and . . . ugh . . . romantic Wade’s scenes with Vanessa are in this one.  That kind of vibe might fit in the Spider-Man films when we are talking about Peter Parker and Mary Jane, but in Deadpool 2 it felt more like a studio demand and less like an organic component of the story.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Vanessa’s character, and I understand that what happens to her in the movie is what shapes Wade’s story arc . . . but damn it, the scenes with her in it slog down this movie.  And given how the movie resolves her fate in the end credits, it seems entirely unnecessary to devote so much time to this part of the story.

Some people will argue with me, of course, and that is why I write this and you don’t, because you are all wrong, ha ha!   My concerns over the drawn-out and overly-serious nature of the romance certainly do not cripple my opinion of the movie – it’s still entertaining as hell, even if I was disappointed with how safe it played it with the Vanessa angle.  If you liked the first Deadpool you should obviously see this one, and even if you have not seen the original but are looking for a good time at the movies, you can’t go wrong with Deadpool 2.   Besides: any movie that has the balls to kill off two of the most popular actors on the planet who made brief cameo appearances gets two thumbs up in my book!



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