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Destiny 2: Warmind DLC is Available . . . And I Could Care Less

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Say what you will about the original Destiny, but my boys and I loved that game.

We’re not blind fanboys: we know it had its faults. The single player campaign never had a story worth a damn until The Taken King DLC hit, the original voice acting for your ghost was cringe-worthy, your character never speaks a word, personalizing your characters was extremely limited – it was not a perfect game, by any stretch.

However, Destiny did one thing really well: it made shooting guns SO MUCH FUN.  Seriously, the game play mechanics for the original Destiny were so solid, and the weapons were so interesting, that shooting enemies and other players in the Crucible never got old.    You would have to go back to my college days to find a video game that I invested as much time in as I did for Destiny; I mean, I would literally go home and play during lunch every single time the Iron Banner returned, and it was the ONLY game I played for months.

As for the two boys, Destiny is the first FPS that I allowed them to play, as it is bloodless and mostly involves shooting aliens and monsters, instead of human beings.  (And even when you do shoot players in the Crucible, their body just drops, so that’s how I justify the violence – don’t judge me!)   My twelve year-old owned a titan who was ALMOST as powerful as my hunter, while my seven year-old used a warlock to navigate about half of the campaign and some games in the Crucible.

Yep: many hours in the Spalding household were spent playing Destiny, so naturally, when Destiny 2 came out I pre-ordered it, played it, and . . . stopped.  I’m not sure if either of the boys got through the campaign, and I know for a fact that neither of them has spent even one second working through the Curse of Osiris DLC.  Hell, even I didn’t complete the campaign for Curse of Osiris, and believe me: it kills me to say that.  I rarely purchase DLC for games, and to drop $19.99 on DLC that I abandoned with a week?   Literally NEVER HAPPENED . . . before Destiny 2, of course.

The list of problems I have with Destiny 2 is too long to go into here, so let’s just say that the game failed to improve on the original’s weaknesses AND managed to weaken the Crucible, which was easily the best part of the first game, IMO.   Bungie has taken some steps toward making Destiny 2 a more enjoyable experience – making the Crucible 6v6 instead of 4v4, finally including ranked play in the Crucible, and adding the new Escalation Protocol mode, among other things – and recently released the new Warmind DLC.

And I still don’t care.

I had high hopes for the Destiny franchise, and there is still I chance might get back into it down the road.  It had such potential . . . but looking at the reviews for Warmind it seems as if Bungie still has not quite gotten the message.  With games like Titanfall 2, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege handing out free DLC in order to keep fans engaged, and the insanely popular Fortnite: Battle Royale providing new game modes and customization options weekly, you would think Bungie would realize that if you are going to charge people twenty bucks for each DLC, you better be giving gamers a serious chunk of new content to sift through.  Instead, they are giving players a campaign that you can blow through in less than three hours, filled with the same bad guys we have been fighting since day one.

Aside from a few new maps in the Crucible, and some secrets to unlock in a new public space – you know, the sort of stuff we should be getting for free in the first place – Warmind is the sort of disappointing, over-priced DLC Bungie churned out for the first Destiny, until they finally gave us The Taken King, which was actually worth the price.  As much as I was hoping Bungie would give me a reason to reinstall Destiny 2 on my Xbox One S, I’m going to pass on this DLC and keep paying games like Fortnite, Surviving Mars and Sea of Thieves, with a little PUBG mixed in.  Better luck next time, Bungie.